Sarah Palin Splits Open Her Head While ‘Rock-Running,’ Responds With Anti-Clinton Rant

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) took a fall while rock-running over the weekend, and shared images of the bloody welt on her head on social media.

“I tripped over my own two feet and crashed & burned face-first,” the former Republican vice presidential nominee wrote. 

But what stood out most were not the images, but the text that accompanied them. Palin also took the opportunity to blast Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her lack of press conferences.

No press conferences for nearly a year? No scheduled campaign events for days upon days?” Palin wrote. “No statements, no answers, no accountability, no problem. Layin’ low to run out the clock before November, but you’re SEXIST for noticing it.”

She added:

“Leave Hillary alone! All that email-evidenced yoga, and wedding planning, and cookie-baking-grandma-duty wears you out. Believe you me.

Heck, even those of us claiming to be fit as a (seasoned?) fiddle, hit bumps in the wellness road. Even I. Especially I. (Remember Piper’s middle name is “Grace”; mine isn’t.)”  

Palin then connected her injury to Clinton… sort of.

“Rock-running recently, I tripped over my own two feet and crashed & burned face-first. I recovered with the doc’s SuperGlue, and now any man who asks ‘what happened?’ I’ll refer to as just a mean ol’ SEXIST bully.

Glad for Hillary’s protective media’s precedence. The next woman running for POTUS has no need to answer to much of anything, for we’ve got weddings to plan, and Down Dogs to do, and cookies in the oven! So just leave us alone, boys.”


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Don Cheadle Calls Donald Trump A ‘POS,’ Tells Him To ‘Die In A Grease Fire’

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Award-winning actor and filmmaker Don Cheadle had some harsh words for Donald Trump after the Republican presidential candidate attempted to use a deadly shooting in Chicago to score political points over the weekend. 

“Dwyane Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago,” Trump tweeted on Saturday. “Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!”

The tweet was criticized by many, including Cheadle: 

You are truly a POS

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 27, 2016

Sorry. I misspelled "die in a grease fire."

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 27, 2016

Cheadle later called it “hyperbole.” 

Oh, boy. Really? Do you know what "hyperbole" is? I don't wish him actual death! Just want him to shut up and lose!

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 28, 2016

Cheadle didn’t mention how he settled on “die in a grease fire,” but the phrase is commonly used among poker enthusiasts? and he is an avid player. 

Shortly afterward, the trolls came after Cheadle, but he was ready for them: 

Thought provoking and penetrating balanced assessment of the …. Wait…

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 27, 2016

Doh duh doy doy doy …

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 27, 2016

Sorry. I couldn't hear you through all that flag flapping.

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 27, 2016

Ewww. I hate caviar. And I'm looking up "rich black guy guilt." Hope there's a salve for that …

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 27, 2016

Where's this mansion I have that ppl keep talking about?! Somebody must be squatting in it.

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 27, 2016

35million?!? If I had 35 million I'd never work again!! You get that off a rando website or something?! Hilarious

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 27, 2016

Oh, honey. You know so little about how all this works. But that's ok. It's inside baseball. Be well. Bye.

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 27, 2016

HAHAHAHA!!! Now THAT'S a new one!!

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 28, 2016

Spoiler alert; you missed the whole point of the film. Maybe time to rethink your career path.

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 28, 2016

Thanks, Jesus. But…who do YOU pray to…?

— Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) August 28, 2016

While “die in a grease fire” is a phrase that’s been around for a while, Cheadle’s takedown of his trolls may have led to the creation of a new one, courtesy of Hollywood veteran/”Seinfeld” alum Danny Woodburn: 

Can this be a thing?

"I'm about to go @DonCheadle on his ass"

You know, when smart and informed points out ignorance and hate.

— Danny Woodburn (@DannyWoodburn) August 28, 2016

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

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Donald Trump: The NSA Is ‘Coddling’ Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump accused the National Security Agency on Friday of having the ability to access Hillary Clinton’s erased emails, but declining to do so in order to protect the Democratic presidential nominee.

“I hear the NSA maybe has the emails,” Trump said in a phone interview on Fox News’ “On The Record.” “A lot of people say the NSA would have the emails if they really wanted to get them.”

“Obviously they don’t want to get them,” he added. “They’re protecting her, they’re coddling her. And it’s the only way she could even consider running.”

Clinton deleted some 32,000 personal emails from a private server she used as secretary of state after her lawyers determined that they did not contain information relevant to her work for the government. The State Department has already released 30,000 of Clinton’s work-related emails to the public, and is scheduled to release an additional 15,000 in the coming months.

In July, the Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to prosecute Clinton for using a private email server during her time as secretary. FBI Director James Comey, a Republican, condemned Clinton’s behavior as “extremely careless” after the agency found there were 100 classified messages on the private server.

But Comey argued that “no reasonable prosecutor” would press charges because of the absence of evidence that Clinton intended to use the server to send classified information. None of the classified information she sent or received was entirely properly marked as classified.

Trump has argued that Clinton’s deletion of a portion of the emails is evidence of a criminal coverup that law enforcement should have pressed charges on.

Trump implied on Friday that Clinton’s only reason for deleting the emails is that they contained some kind of damning evidence against her.

“She knows what was on those emails and it was very, very bad,” he said. “And maybe somebody should, in fact, ask the NSA whether or not they have the emails.”

Attributing unsubstantiated rumors to an anonymous “they” is one of Trump’s preferred methods for peddling theories without fully taking ownership of them.

He employed the same language to accuse the NSA of going easy on Clinton during a campaign rally in Altoona, Pennsylvania, earlier this month.

“I don’t know what the law is, but they say that they would have the emails,” he said.

“I guess somebody came out from the NSA and they said, ‘We have everybody’s emails,’” Trump continued, apparently referring to the revelations of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. “So I don’t think they tried too hard. Do you, folks?”

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

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Stephen Colbert Breaks Down Exactly Why Gandalf Doesn’t Do Weddings

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Stephen Colbert channeled his inner Sauron to explain exactly why Gandalf doesn’t officiate weddings.

The Late Show” host and “Lord of the Rings” superfan broke it down after it emerged English actor Sir Ian McKellen, who played the character in the movie trilogy, turned down an offer to wed Napster founder Sean Parker and his now-wife, Alexandra Lenas, at their Tolkien-esque nuptials in 2013.  

“Damn right, Gandalf doesn’t have time to marry you, Sean Parker!” Colbert began by saying on Friday.

In case you didn't catch all that. #LSSC

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) August 27, 2016

“He is the servant of the secret fire, wielder of the flame or Anor,” he continued, before ramping up the rhetoric.

“He killed the mother truckin’ Balrog, after chasing the ancient immortal demon through the tunnels of Khazad Dum until they climbed to the peak of Zirakzigil where he smote the demon’s ruin on the mountain side.”

So now we know. 

Check it out in the clip above.

Colbert has form in showing off his immense LOTR knowledge, as evident in this clip from early August ? when he answered audience questions on the topic to great effect:

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Why I Just Can’t Support ‘The Birth Of A Nation’

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In light of the fiasco surrounding Nate Parker, and thus, his upcoming film, The Birth of A Nation in which Parker is the star, producer, director, and co-writer, I’ve been asked several times if I’m going to see the film.

I’ve already seen it. And I typically don’t go to the theatre to see movies I’ve already seen at a screening. So to announce, “I am not going to see it!” is sanctimonious and silly. It’s not like I’m sacrificing anything. But I would like to see it again. I want to sit with it and dissect it this time.

That’s only part of the reason I haven’t joined the unofficial boycott of The Birth of A Nation. The other part? Honestly? I’ve been waiting for Nate Parker to pull his sh–together and fix this mess. It’s been two weeks since the story of his 1999 rape charges surfaced in national publications, and he hasn’t done that yet. As such, I still have moral conflict about going to the theatre. Unless that’s resolved, I’m sitting this one out. There are too many things worthy of a having a moral conflict over. A movie– I don’t care who it’s about or how good it is– isn’t one of them.

I want to explain my decision. Nate Parker did a horrible thing many, many years ago. And after he was in the middle of a media storm resulting from the interviews he did with Variety and Deadline addressing his 1999 rape accusations, he said as much.

“There are things more important than the law” Parker wrote in a Facebook status update last week. “There is morality; no one who calls himself a man of faith should even be in that situation… I look back on that time as a teenager and can say without hesitation that I should have used more wisdom.”

“I am withholding my support for Parker because I have to, not because I want to.”

My problem with Parker is less about his past that cannot be changed and more about his recent interviews with Variety and Deadline where he sounded like a man who had not properly reflected upon his moral shortcomings. Addressing his 1999 rape accusations, which most people didn’t know about, he came across so smug, so dismissive, so self-centered as if he’s learned nothing about rape, consent, accountability, the value of women he isn’t related to, or even how to make a decent apology. I read those interviews and I felt like that Tyra clip from ANTM where she was yelling at the girl, “I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! How dare you!”

If Parker said in his initial interviews what he finally did in his Facebook post after all hell broke loose, he would have a lot more people rooting for him now, trying to work with a Brother. On Facebook, he sounded apologetic, contrite, like he “got it.” But because of the timing, because he sounded so different than his scheduled interviews, his prepared statement came across as less than sincere, and more like a desperate man trying to save himself and his magnum opus.

I am withholding my support for Parker because I have to, not because I want to. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of women who are up in arms about Parker, myself included, take no joy in it.

Women are tired of being asked to overlook men’s unrepentant misogyny. TIRED. Nate Parker isn’t the first to screw up. And he won’t be the last. But how many more folk are women expected to turn a blind eye to? We’re supposed to shut up about King’s affairs because he had a dream. And Tyson’s rape because he could fight and sounded funny using big words. And Kellz because he could sing everything from opera to hip-hop to classic R&B. And Cosby because he created The Cosby Show and A Different World which were positive images of black people. And countless rappers ’cause they can rhyme, even if it’s about “hos” over a catchy beat. And now Parker too just because he can act, produce and direct all at once?

“Why are we expected to support the works of shady men and pretend their misogyny isn’t problematic?.”

Ugh! When do women become the priority? Why are we expected to support the works of shady men and pretend their misogyny, their abuse, and their disregard isn’t problematic? When do we say enough?

For many, it’s right now.

Don’t mistake the roots of Parker’s backlash for something they are not. What you see on the surface is rage, but underneath that is a vast disappointment. It was women who filled the theatres to see The Great Debaters and Beyond the Lights. We were the ones bringing men along for #datenight. We supported Parker, swooned for him, some of us even championed him as “the next Denzel.” On screen and off, he presented himself like the type of guy you want to marry, or you want your son to be or your daughter to date. He sold the dream and we bought it one ticket at a time. We liked supporting him. We were anticipating his upcoming film. We wanted to give him our money.

Everyday that passes since Nate Parker broke this story to Variety and Deadline, I am more disappointed in him and his team. I want to see this movie. But I want to do so without feeling like I’m supporting a man who doesn’t get the gravity and depravity of his actions. I have been waiting for Parker to do something that makes me feel it’s okay to support him.

My God, man! Stop sitting in the hidey hole and announce a high school/ college/church tour in conjunction with a leading anti-rape organization to talk about consent/rape/”no means no.” Upload a PSA in conjunction with a survivor’s advocacy organization to educate people about consent. Write a large check to a rape crisis center. Has no one on his team heard of restorative justice?

I can’t go see The Birth of A Nation. And for the folks that don’t get it, understand that supporting this movie is like supporting a white director making a great film about the black experience (say like Norman Jewison and A Soldier’s Story.) And then you find out the director was in the Klan twenty years ago. And then when he does interviews about his past Klan activity, he speaks of it with little remorse, and keeps talking about his best friends are black. Would you support that film?

If you want to see The Birth of A Nation, by all means, go. Enjoy. But stop asking folks who are morally outraged to go along with you.

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Kelly Sater : Economics Of Baby’s Bedtime

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Daily futures were indicating a positive start to the day as the children beat market estimates with a 7:15AM wake-up time, beating average quarterly wake-up times by 36 minutes.

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Kanye West Reportedly Has Free Reign To Do Whatever He Wants On VMAs Stage

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Kanye West has a history of generating buzzworthy moments at the VMAs and it seems MTV producers are hoping he works his magic again. 

TMZ reports that producers have offered the rapper free reign when he takes the stage this weekend. Sources told the website that producers are giving West four minutes to do as he sees fit ? which could mean anything. 

A rep for MTV would only confirm to The Huffington Post that West would, in fact, be attending the show this weekend. That news doesn’t come as a surprise, since he’s nominated for three awards and wife Kim Kardashian was previously announced as a presenter. 

What West will do with free reign for four minutes is anyone’s guess. Last year, he was honored with the Video Vanguard Award, and during his time onstage announced his intent to run for president in 2020

Get More:

He also said the following:  “I think about when I’m in the grocery store with my daughter and I have a really great conversation about fresh juice at the … you know.” You know?

Meanwhile, if rumors of West’s no-limits appearance don’t pan out, executive producer Jesse Ignjatovic told Entertainment Weekly that the performance from Rihanna, who’s getting the Video Vanguard award this year, is going to be one for the history books. 

“I can tell you it’s going to be one of those holy crap VMA moments,” he said. “She’s not playing. She’s bringing it.”

Likewise, he also told the publication that Britney Spears is working on something unlike any performance she’s done in the past when she performs “Make Me” for the first time on Sunday.

Request for comment made by The Huffington Post to West’s rep has yet to be returned at this time. 

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AP’s Bombshell Clinton Foundation Report Comes Under Scrutiny

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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign fired back Wednesday after a major Associated Press report raised serious ethical questions over ties between the State Department under Clinton and her family’s charitable organization, with Clinton’s team arguing that the AP data was woefully out of context.

The AP found that of the 154 meetings Clinton held with private officials (i.e., those not in the domestic or foreign governments), 85 of those were with people who “gave money — either personally or through companies or groups — to the Clinton Foundation.”

The finding set off a round of criticism aimed at Clinton for blurring ethical lines and granting access to friends and high bidders. But in the hours that followed, questions began to mount about the presentation of the AP story.

The AP got called out for a misleading (and widely shared) tweet accompanying the report that made it appear that half of all Clinton’s meetings ? not just those with private officials ? had taken place with foundation donors. Vox’s Matthew Yglesias challenged the broader thrust of the AP’s story even further, arguing that the AP framed its findings as more scandalous than they warranted. Though Yglesias acknowledged that potential links between Clinton’s State Department and the candidate deserved scrutiny, he argued that donors who apparently received preferential access actually deserved it and were pushing unobjectionable, noble causes.

The Clinton campaign quickly circulated the Vox article, in addition to noting that some of the relationships that the AP highlighted ? including one with Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Prize-winning Bangladeshi economist ? existed before Clinton’s tenure at state.

Their frustrations with the AP story didn’t end there, however.

Aides to the Democratic nominee say that the AP has not given them the actual list of the 85 foundation donors who the outlet says got access to Clinton while she was at State, making it hard for them to rebut charges that she engaged in quid-pro-quos. But on Wednesday, they began filling in the holes.

“We have applied the AP’s criteria on our own, cross-referencing publicly available donor info with publicly available schedules of her meetings,” the campaign’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, told The Huffington Post.

Among the names of people they believe the AP is referencing are the late Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo and actor Ben Affleck. The latter two have parlayed their fame into global philanthropy campaigns and humanitarian efforts.

Another "donor" that met w/Clinton, according to AP's method: Ben Affleck. Here he is meeting with Kerry. Scandal!

— Brian Fallon (@brianefallon) August 24, 2016

Another "donor" who met with Hillary Clinton, according to AP: the late Elie Wiesel. This might be the most galling example yet.

— Brian Fallon (@brianefallon) August 24, 2016

The Associated Press declined on Wednesday to disclose the list of 85 people who it reportedly identified as having donated as much as $156 million to the foundation.

“We are still reporting on them ? cross-referencing information and so on,” AP Director of Media Relations Paul Colford told HuffPost, adding that the news organization is “not done with the names yet.”

That is well within their rights, considering how hard the outlet worked to get the data. Along with publicly available information, the news wire based Tuesday’s report on new details about Clinton’s State Department schedule that it obtained after suing the department last year. So far, the AP has received Clinton’s more detailed schedules for half of her four-year tenure.

The AP broadly defended its work Wednesday in a statement published on its website. The news organization, Colford wrote, “has been transparent in how it has reported this story.”

Colford added that the AP hopes to obtain the remaining two years of Clinton’s detailed schedules at the State Department before Election Day.

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Robert Brustein: Trump And Minorities

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WOLF. I see in the paper today that you are going to Detroit and other minority cities to convince Afro-American voters that you are not a racist. Is that correct?

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Michael Warbux: If Your Friends’ Facebook Posts About Politics Were Real-Life Encounters

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Let’s be honest for a moment. You have people on your Facebook feed that won’t shut up about Hillary Clinton or about Donald Trump. Hell, even I h…

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