The Funny Money Daily Links Thursday

10 Great Stephen Hawking Quotations. Heeeer theeeey aaaare!

WordPress owners get another $29 million in round B funding. I would love to be in round C

Bill Clinton Announces He’s Running for President

America’s Top 20 Drunkest Athletes

Check out Wallstreet Warriors on MOJO it’s much improved

You think you could sit in total darkness for 6 days? These guys are going to

Go visit the Grandfather of stock market blogs, Trader Mike and tell him Shane sent you.

10 Ways for a “happier” Fox Happy Hour

Hey Panasonic. Internet Explorer called and they want their favicon back. (non internet geeks it’s the icon next to the url)

Heath Ledger and the Markets stole the headlines from one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a while. Gazans blow up wall and flood into Israel.

These stock are attractive on this selloff. A seekingalpha article

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