Porito Moreno Glacier and the Cult of “Global Warming”

Porito Moreno Glacier in March of 2004:
Now look at my video of Porito Moreno glacier from January of 2008, filmed from the exact same spot:
Please notice how the glacier has grown in the last two years, and ice has sealed the gap and separated the two bodies of water that are clearly joined in the first video from two years earlier. A cycle that can sometimes take decades.

These video’s are priceless on a number of levels and is another reason why Porito Moreno is may favorite glacier in the world. I have had the opportunity to study this carefully. I love Porito Moreno glacier because of:

1) Its Sheer beauty!
2) The fact that it is a “politically incorrect” glacier, a growing glacier that refuses conform to the demands of “global warming” activists to recede.
3) The fact that it causes some folks to look at the first video and assume “global warming” when they have absolutely no clue what they are looking at and leave ignorant messages about how this is hard evidence of global warming and we’re all going to die.

Facts as described in my video: Over years the Ice moves in and separates two large bodies of water, one body of water then raises a few centimeters higher every day above the other body of water, separated by the ice. Eventually, once every few years (sometimes decades), the pressure from the rising body of water builds to the point where it finally breaks through the ice and rushes into the other body of water; creating a gap (a giant arch) in the ice which then collapses (as seen in the first video). The entire cycle then begins over again as it has since the first video was taken (and as you can seen from my video, the 2nd one). It has absolutely nothing to do with global warming and the fact that folks insist on making the link (as you can see from the comments section of the first video) only exposes the whole movement for what it is, a political ideology not based in science.

Side note: Geologists are able to generally predict when the water breakthrough may occur. When I visited a few months ago, the ice had again grown to cover the whole area of the arch. The pressure is now building and the clock is ticking for a new breakthrough and collaps. Imagine being the lucky visitor who shows up on the exact same day as the breakthrough. Well, the first video is what it looks like. Geologists believe that there is a good possibility that a water breakthrough and ice collapse will occur this year, sometime around March. Buy your flights now and remember, it has nothing to do with “global warming”!

Joe Gelman

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