Doom Summer Reruns: Remembering Our First Month — June 2006

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Four years and seven million keystrokes ago, Igor, twist, John M, Admin and a host of friends brought forth … A NEW BLOG

Dedicated to you, our many readers.

Today is Housing Doom's 4th Birthday, and we're celebrating by starting a new series.  Each week throughout the summer we plan to give you a selection of recycled Doom content:

  • THE GOOD: lots of this;
  • THE BAD: but only if it's funny; and,
  • THE UGLY: wow, did housing, the US economy and then the whole world get uglier and uglier since we started on June 1, 2006; let's hope this summer finally sees a bottom to that!

Next Tuesday at this time we plan to cover the whole of Q3 '06, but for now just sit back and enjoy a selection of "greatest hits" from Doom's first month

#10 "Personal Finances and the Housing Bubble"

by twist, 6/14 '06

  • "U.S. households overall have been managing their personal finances well" - Ben Bernanke
    • maybe even better than US governments in those days …

#9 " Featured in Arizona Republic"

by twist, 6/23 '06

Housing Doom has been featured widely, from Inman to the Associated Press; and our research has occasionally shown up, unattributed, in yet more fine mainstream media stories.

  • AZ Republic: "Blogger logs fears of housing market""The more Gilbert resident Debi Averett researches the current real estate market, the more alarmed she becomes."
  • "While I do not foresee the collapse of real estate as we know it in a tremendous national tragedy- I think the potential for thousands of individual tragedies is horrific."
    • little did we know …

#8 "Will Housing Downturn Impact AZ Economy?"

by twist, 6/7 '06

silly question …

  • "Arizona's 'place in the sun' economically will probably be shortlived.  It seems unlikely that Arizona will maintain its position in 2006."

#7 "Myth Exposed- Economy Too Good for Significant Housing Slowdown"

by twist, 6/13 '06

Remember "soft landing" … ? Those were the days.

  • "… It’s looking less likely the the US economy will have sufficient strength to protect real estate from a hard, bumpy landing."

#6  "Housingdoom Thanks Friends From All Over"

by twist 6/27 '06

Right from the first we discovered that the blogosphere is generally a warm, friendly and supportive place.

  • "People have found us through other various and diverse ways, and it’s been great having everyone stop by."

#5 "Subprime Lending and ARMs Could Be Creating the Perfect Foreclosure Storm"

by twist, 6/23 '06

Indeed the wind hasn't really begun to die down yet.

  • "According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, foreclosures in the first quarter of 2006 fell slightly from 2005- except for subprime loans.  That looks like it might be a piece of bright news among a lot of bad- but it hints of potential difficulties to come. …"

#4 "Housing as Piggy Bank/ATM May be Coming to an End"

by twist, 6/21 '06

Can you say, "Strategic Default" … ?

  • "More people are discovering their “McMansions” aren’t the wonderful investment they thought they were- and sacrificing to maintain them is making less sense."

#3 "We Want to Hear Your Bubble Trouble"

by twist, 6/25 '06

20 reader replies :)

#2 "Days on Market 'Cooked' by Relistings"

by twist, 6/22 '06

Opening shot in a long campaign.

And last but not least …

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane (the internet never forgets ;) ).  See you next Tuesday!

#1 "Under Construction"

by twist, 6/1 '06

deathless prose for the ages :)

  • "Do I get a prize for being the first to post a comment?"
    • Sure thing, Lander, and I see your SACRAMENTO LAND(ING) blog is still with us, if just hanging in.
  • "can you ease up on the use of the strong orange? it makes my eyes tired …" - commenter Lawrence
    • Start of a long Doom tradition …

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