Audrey Grisham, Utah Woman, Reports Credit Card Fraud, Then Is Accused By Police

May 10, 2012 by  

Imagine calling the police to report a crime, only to have them turnaround and accuse you.

That’s what happened to Audrey Grisham of Bountiful, Utah. Her financial nightmare began when she discovered $1,524.74 worth of charges she didn’t make on her credit card, KUTV reports (h/t The Consumerist). When Grisham reported the charges to her credit card provider, Discover, company officials told her that before she was eligible for reimbursement, she had to report the fraud to police departments in each of the Utah towns where fraudulent charges were made.

Sounds easy enough. That is until police in the town of Centerville didn’t believe her and accused her of fraud herself. By federal law, banks must return, refund or remove all but $50 of any unauthorized or fraudulent activity on a lost or stolen card.

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