Chip Bok,

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Cartoon by Chip Bok PUBLICATION DATE: Mon, 06 Jan 2014


One Response to “Chip Bok,”
  1. Tom Patton says:

    I am all for free speech & what you do BUT I do not like how you disrespect the the President in how you draw him. I’m white but that doesn’t matter. I am Democrat , that doesn’t matter. What matters is where has the respect for a person gone? I get it as far as which way you lean( to the right ) but society has become mean spirited in every way. Yes,President Obama has made mistakes, he’s only human. But to disrespect him? why don’t you disrespect President Bush for going into Iraq & have all those service people get killed. For What? Weapons of Mass Destruction? That went well, didn’t it? I & my 5 other brothers were all in the Military to let you have the right to do or say or draw what you want. Just be respectful.

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